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Скачать с ютуб From a distributed monolith to a microservices solution - Jan de Vries

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Are you creating a microservices solution? You sure about this? Creating small services that invoke other small services, which invoke even more smaller services most of the time results in a distributed monolith. Using commands, events and loosely coupled services is something you SHOULD strive for! I'm happy to show you my lessons learned in this realm and which Azure services you can use to create a very scalable \u0026 responsive microservices solution. I'll quickly show you which services you should use, like Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Event Grid, and Storage Queues. With the short introduction out of the way, we'll dive into the details of these services, how to get the most out of them and when to use each service. After this session, you'll be aware of the pitfalls in a service-to-service design and know how to implement a proper, loosely coupled, microservices solution.

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